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Hi there! I'm Hsing.

Pronounced "sing" like "sing a song"

I'm a journalist turned content marketer with a passion for creating Actually Good Content. Whether it's writing, editing, or strategy, I've spent over eight years perfecting my craft and targeting online audiences.

As a former journalist turned content marketer, I believe in telling meaningful stories that matter instead of writing for the sake of having "content." We gotta stand out in an age of ho-hum derivative fluff! That's why I love going the extra mile to interview SMEs for insights, wordsmith page-perfect sentences, and workshop ideas that pack a punch.

Let's talk results, too: My SEO blog posts often land on Page 1, if not snagging the coveted #1 spot on SERP results. My content pieces and strategies drive organic growth, user engagement, brand awareness, and conversions.

Whether your content goals are to educate or to convert, I'm here to help! Let's discuss your content project today.

Interested in working together? Let's chat!

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My Work

I specialize in writing about B2B SaaS software and tools. I've written blog posts — SEO and thought leadership, landing pages, white papers, and more.


I'm a B2B SaaS sponge: a tech generalist, skilled at picking up almost any type of subject matter — yes, even highly technical products! My most recent work covers the following industries:

  • HR tech, people ops, and recruiting

  • remote work / hybrid work / the future of work

  • social impact / CSR / corporate philanthropy

  • DEI

  • project management and productivity tools

  • martech and automation

  • payroll and tax compliance

  • education / edtech

  • knowledge management

  • retail crime intelligence / loss prevention

  • mental health

  • healthcare / clinical research

  • data and business intelligence

You can view my portfolio of previous work here, or by clicking the button below.


My Story in a Nutshell

  • Journalism & Asian Studies major, constantly writing and editing throughout college for the student newspaper and various online blogs

  • Landed a digital content producer job at a major Denver TV news station, publishing dozens of articles a day and contributing to extensive online coverage of a high-profile Colorado criminal trial

  • Caught the travel bug and moved to rural South Korea — teaching English by day and learning Korean by night. I became fluent in Korean and now tutor and translate as my side, side hustle!

  • Moved back to the U.S. and pivoted to B2B SaaS content marketing. I started at an enterprise software selection platform, where I quickly made a name for myself by owning the high-value Business Intelligence categories. I eventually became an Editor and led my own team of writers, scaling our content production even further.

  • Shifted gears back into writing by working at a content marketing agency, creating high-quality long-form content for B2B SaaS clients across industries and honing my strategy skills.

  • Now: I partner with companies in need of freelance content writing, editing, and strategy services — mostly B2B SaaS clients, but I also work with agencies, B2C companies, artists, and more!

  • My approach is always tailored to each client's unique needs and goals and I pride myself on the quality of my work. I research deep, far, and wide, and like any good journalist, love conducting interviews and diving into data.

I've been fully remote for the last three years and don't intend on ever going back to an office. As a strong advocate for remote work, I've written about the benefits and challenges of async work and remote collaboration a lot — just check out my portfolio!

When I'm not working, I build custom mechanical keyboards, play video games, and diligently raise my very cute, very anxious rescue GSD/Akita mix, Zagreus. And if you happen to receive an email or draft from me at odd hours, it's just me being my productive night owl self — I never expect my clients and collaborators to work those same hours, or reply while off the clock.

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