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What is Resource Allocation: A Complete Guide for Agencies

Featured snippet + ranks #1 for "resource allocation." Another content refresh piece, working to integrate client's templates and CTA's while providing more information than existing piece.

This was a revamped refresh of an older, outdated resource. Working off of the client’s brief, I created a comprehensive resource allocation guide that provides more helpful information and advice. Speaking to the client’s ICP - agency project managers and decision-makers - we address their main pain points and offer resources in the form of best practices and ways that ClickUp can help.

Key results:

  • Ranks #1 for target keyword "resource allocation

  • Featured snippet:

  • Ranks #3 for resource allocation templates

  • Ranks #4 for "what is resource allocation"

  • Ranks #6 for "resource allocation examples"

Here are some of the highlights of what I did with this piece:

  • New, fun intro — Everyone loves pizza, right?

  • Reworked benefits section + H3s to address relevant keyword snippet questions

  • Supercharged the “what is” header

  • Organized best practices and “how to” sections into a more actionable list of steps for people looking to learn specifically how to manage resources and set client expectations

  • Inserted a creative marketing example of how to allocate resources according to our guide

  • Promoted two relevant ClickUp templates

  • Added natural in-line references to relevant ClickUp features that are less disruptive call-outs than current copy

  • Optimized in Clearscope for an A+ score, compared to the current copy’s score of B-. The score Clearscope recommends is A-

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