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What is Project Scope? Examples, Templates, and Resources to Succeed

Ranks #2 for "project scope examples" and #11 for target keyword, "project scope." Working off a content brief provided by the client, we created a revamped refresh of a low-performing piece for a high-value keyword.

This was a revamped refresh of an older, outdated resource. Working off of the brief provided by the client, I created a fresh new resource on everything that a project scope is, what it does, and how to create one. Speaking to the client’s ICP - agency project managers and decision-makers - we address their main pain points and offer resources in the form of best practices and ways that ClickUp can help.

  • Created a marketing agency-centered project scope example

  • Highlighted resources from ClickUp that could help the reader create their own project scope documents.

  • Added internal links to relevant blog posts, screenshots of product features, etc.

  • Optimized the copy for SEO in Clearscope with a grade of B+

Key results:

  • Ranks #2 for "project scope examples"

  • Ranks #11 for target keyword, "project scope"

  • Ranks #15 for "project scope templates"

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