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The New Hire Packet Every Employer Should Provide

Ranks #9 for "new hire packet." A content refresh, optimizing the piece for SEO by adding new sections, removing outdated ones, and tweaking content to be more readable and actionable.

Breathed new life into an article that had a lot of potential but just wasn’t performing up to expectations. In tackling this refresh, I analyzed competitors’ content to figure out what could be improved. I took the following steps:

  1. Reworked the introduction to snag the reader’s attention more effectively and set a more solid foundation for the piece

  2. Clearly explained the reasoning and benefits behind why readers should include each item on this list, whether it’s a recommendation or a requirement

  3. Trimmed down unnecessary or out-of-place information

  4. Updated inaccurate, old, or incomplete information, including links where they can add context

  5. Modernized certain sections (state-specific language, employee policies) for the era of remote and hybrid work

  6. Simplified explanations and long sentences wherever possible

  7. Restructured headings and lists to improve readability

  8. Wrote a new conclusion that doesn’t leave readers hanging, driving them to complete a specific action These changes optimize the article for SEO, bumping its Clearscope score to A+, which should improve its overall value and rankings, as well as drive conversions

Currently ranks #9 for "new hire packet"

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