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The Definitive Guide to Marketing Campaign Management (With Examples and Templates)

A brand new piece for ClickUp, who mainly asked for us refreshes at first. One thing I really liked about this piece: I built out a real-life DTC brand example and using it throughout the piece to add color to the topic.

In this piece, I provided answers and solutions for the client’s ICP, marketing agencies, on how they can succeed in managing marketing campaigns — especially with ClickUp.

Here's a quick overview of how:

  • Included external links that add value by directing to helpful resources from authoritative non-competitors

  • Included internal links that demonstrate ClickUp’s topical authority, both those already provided to us in the brief and ones we sourced from ClickUp’s blog, template library, and landing pages

  • Show, don’t tell: Added real-life examples of marketing campaigns that agencies might run. Focused on adding to the agency leader’s knowledge rather than sharing details they already know

  • Included actionable, segmented steps on how to manage a successful marketing campaign for agencies

  • Integrated CTAs by showcasing ClickUp templates for marketing campaign management — what they do, how they can help their ICP specifically

  • Optimized for SEO in Clearscope, scoring the recommended A-

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