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Should You Open a Foreign Subsidiary? The Definitive Guide

Ranks #1 or page 1. A refresh of a middling-performing piece that elevated it to the top. Goes beyond "What is" content to provide much more helpful information to guide readers' decision-making.

This article refreshes and revamps a piece that did “okay” on Pilot’s blog, but not Great. This one takes the concept of the original — explaining when it makes sense to open a local subsidiary — and focuses on a much higher value keyword (foreign subsidiary) with purpose.

We provide a robust explanation of what a foreign subsidiary is and how it differs from a branch office. We cover five situations (up from three) where it makes sense to open a subsidiary and explain the benefits and challenges with each. Finally, we close with the idea that opening a subsidiary isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to hiring and paying internationally — but Pilot can be.

Ranks on Page 1 for the following target keywords:

  • “foreign subsidiary examples” (#1) + featured

  • “foreign subsidiary” / "foreign subsidiaries" (#5) formerly #1

  • “international subsidiaries” (#7) formerly #1

  • “what is a foreign subsidiary” / “what is foreign subsidiary” (#1)

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