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Should You Base Salaries on Location? It Depends

A thought leadership piece structured around Pilot's methodology and approach to remote compensation for distributed teams.

Based on an SME interview with Staszek, the co-founder of Pilot, this piece helps solidify his position as a remote work and global compensation thought leader. We also solidify Pilot’s stance as an authority in the international hiring space and all things remote compensation by taking a stand on the location-based pay vs location-independent pay debate: neither strategy is completely fair to your workers.

This insightful thought leadership piece discusses the merits and drawbacks of each compensation strategy, then follows up with a how-to guide of what to do instead — including a detailed case study of how Pilot does competitive compensation as a fully distributed company.

Providing that window into how Pilot works is one of the things that makes this piece intriguing, especially to companies thinking about hiring in multiple locations, including abroad.

I created this piece with the intent for Pilot to distribute it via their newsletters, LinkedIn posts, and more, and use as a conversation starter for sales pitches, and as an additional resource in their webinars around these topics.

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