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How to Pay International Contractors: 5 Factors to Consider

A mid-funnel piece on how to pay international contractors, pitching the client as the better way to do so. High difficulty keyword ranking #15

After working on mostly ToFU articles about the benefits of hiring international contractors, I created a piece that’s more focused on a mid-funnel audience, already investigating how to pay those contractors. To that end, I’ve crafted an actionable guide that walks the target audience through everything they need to know about paying international contractors, sectioned by the relevant questions they need to ask. I also go over various payment methods available to them, diving into each option’s pros and cons. In doing so, I highlight the opportunities and benefits of using an international payroll provider like Pilot. 

Some notable content marketing strategies I’ve incorporated in this piece: 

  • Exciting, anecdotal intro. At the time, ranking SERP results had kind of lackluster intros. This one should stand out a bit and turn more heads in Google search results and social media link snippets

  • Formatting emphasizes and prioritizes readability, organizing information into skimmable H2s, H3s, and bulleted/numbered lists 

  • Targeted high-value keywords that Pilot doesn’t currently rank for, but our competitors do. Collaborated with our client's in-house content marketer, who conducted keyword research and competitor content gap analysis to highlight these opportunities

  • Linked to helpful internal and external resources, increasing its SEO-based usefulness and boosting Pilot’s domain authority

  • Instead of creating a dedicated FAQ section like competitor content, answered those questions through in-line text to reduce repetition and provide a more cohesive body of information

  • Optimized for keyword performance in Clearscope, scoring an A+ as recommended. The article also comes in just above the recommended length of 2800 words, at ~3200 words

Currently ranks at #15 for the high-difficulty target keyword "how to pay international contractors"

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