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7 Great Perks to Include in a Competitive Remote Employee Benefits Package

A collaboration with WeWorkRemotely to get client's brand name in front of their huge remote work audience. Based on an original survey we conducted in conjunction with WWR.

Collaborated with WeWorkRemotely to run surveys asking remote workers about what benefits matter most to them, and to companies who hire them. This post was a guest post, based on a partnership with our client, Pilot.

Processed the results of the surveys and wrote a listicle on the 7 key perks that companies should offer in their remote employee benefits package, specifically to be more competitive than any other companies’ offerings. These perks help remote businesses recruit and retain top talent, avoiding the loss of productivity and morale caused by employee turnover.

As the key differentiator for SERP, I highlighted the research WWR conducted, and backed up our points with externally sourced stats.

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